The visually impaired community is more likely to explore the world when they can easily access their surroundings. Help bring EQUAL access to the visually impaired in public spaces by checking out our KickStart Campaign, Donating, Sharing, and be a part of the movement!



A self-contained simple solution.

Providing independent accessibility for the visually impaired, starting in public restrooms

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Providing better accessibility promotes your company to a growing segment of the market.

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Better Navigation for the Visually Impaired
Our technology has the potential to revolutionize the way blind and low-vision people participate in their communities, navigating freely and confidently.

Highly Versatile

No cameras, WIFI, or electricity required for the business or persons using the system.

Access Equality

Pairing people with companies who care – easier access for visually impaired within businesses.

Beyond Compliance

Help “Turn on the Lights” and strive to be ahead of the minimum ADA requirements.

Be a part of the movement to bring navigation in public spaces to the visually impaired by donating on our Kickstarter page and spreading the word! Every dollar counts, thank you!
The Confident Navigator Solution
A two-part system, being introduced into the market via public restrooms. Our Confident Navigator cane communicates the location and availability of an amenity, without the use of cameras, personal assistance, or subscriptions to outside services.

Consumer Solution

This is an example of the consumer solution.

Business Solution

First phase of use will be in public restrooms to guide the visually impaired.

Unmet Demand

By catering to this growing population, and increasing your social awareness, your business will expand. 


The Confident Navigator Solution will make your business more accessible to the visually impaired population.


Social responsibility is the core part of our society.


Included with our Confident Navigator System is placement on our website and future phone app.

Become an Early Adopter
We are offering a small pilot program for a select number of businesses.

Expand your customer base

According to the National Institute of Health, 6.5% (21 million) people in the US are blind or visually impaired, and that number is projected to double in the next 20 years.

By publishing that you are Confident Navigator equipped on our website and in our app, your business will be promoted to this growing demographic, as well as to their caretakers and loved ones.

Lasting Impact

Social Responsibility isn’t just for Social Media. By joining our movement, you are exemplifying an ethical framework by showing you have an obligation to act for the benefit of society at large.

Your company is paving the way for others by showing how every part of our society should be treated – with respect, included, and cared for.

Save Money

Two tax incentives are available to businesses to help cover the cost of making access improvements. The first is a tax credit that can be used for architectural adaptions, equipment acquisitions and services. The second is a tax deduction that can be used for architectural or transportation adaptions. Learn more here (we also recommend consulting your tax professional for your specific industry).

Meet our team
Confident Navigator's principles feature a robust blend of entrepreneurship, business building and technology - here are a few members of our team:

Garrett Roark

  • Inventor of the Confident Navigator Solution
  • Author & Public Speaker
Brandon Kley - Co-founder

Brandon Kley


• 15+ years experience in Business Management & Development
• Business Owner & Entrepreneur
• Project Management
• BS in Economics

Tarah Ornelas - Co-founder

Tarah Ornelas


• 15+ years experience in Marketing, Management, Business Development & Sales
• Business Owner & Entrepreneur
• BA|Marketing, BS|Industrial Design
• EMBA from St. Marys

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